20111: Pink Pleiadian    Price: CHF 44

Width: 3.5cm / Depth: 3cm / Hight: 2.5cm

20112: Pink Pleiadian    Price: CHF 48

Width: 3.5cm / Depth: 2.5cm / Hight: 2.5cm

20115: Pink Shekhina    Price: CHF 88

Width: 5cm / Depth: 3cm / Hight: 2cm

20116: Pink Shekhina    Price: CHF 99

Width: 4.5cm / Depth: 3.5cm / Hight: 2.5cm

20117: Pink Shekhina    Price: CHF 55

Width: 3.5cm / Depth: 2.5cm / Hight: 2.5cm


Interested in an andara? Please message me and let me know the number of the item. Thank you.

Important notice: The size is measured at the largest part. Since andaras are difficult to measure, it’s always approximated.