1 on  1 – Sessions

1 on 1 – Sessions

LIVE and enjoy life again.

Be your happy, shiny SELF.

Life is changing on this planet. Things feel different: Time feels like it is speeding up, the energies are off the charts, some feel like they are in a hamster wheel and can’t come out, for others it feels like one physical ailment chases another. It really truly doesn’t need to be this way. I can show you how to navigate these energies, slow down, become conscious, flow with what is brought your way, and enjoy life again  ♥

I offer two types of sessions: one is the Transformational-Session, here we focus on old programs and trauma in the system. We take a deep look at them, release and transform them. The other one is Sound and Andara Light-Activations, here we focus on bringing in a lot of light, love and high frequencies into your system and therefore rise your vibration. Where would you like to put your focus? What would you like to bring into your life and/or transform?