Our Soul-Companions

Animals accompany us on our journey. They are our companions and great teachers, and they support us in all kinds of life situations. They extend love and peace, and often show us – in their own way – what’s deeply burried within us and what we’re not looking at. When animals show signs of unusual behaviour, sickness, or when they trigger sadness, frustration, anger, etc. in us, it’s so important to take a deeper look at what’s going on in our own lives, relationships and living situation. Those are the moments our furry friends and fur-babies are communicating with us and doing their best to support us on our way, so that we can be happy and free.

It can be difficult to understand what exactly our little (or bigger) friends are trying to bring across. And sometimes we might understand what the issue is but don’t know how to change or how to go about it. That’s when my role as a conduit and also as a healer comes in. I assist these gentle creatures through Quantum or Shamanic Work so that things get easier for them and you. What’s important to me is that everyone (humans and animals) is cared for and feels understood.

The sessions can be in person or remote, and are done with deep compassion, wisdom, and connected to Source. I take time for each little being and their human-companion, and see what they need in that particular moment and create the session accordingly.